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including the number of bombs. >> it's important clarify that two and only two explosive devices were found. , pressuret was inside cookers with a metal fragments. >> most pellets. doctors removed carpenter nails imbedded in those closest to the blast, but still not clear, who did the samba why. >> we do not know if this is the act of an organization and, an individual, or individuals. we do not have a sense of motive yet. everything at this point is speculation. they're going to look at every frame of video near the explosion site. as they, and boston for more clues, the fbi stresses they are in no way limiting their search
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to massachusetts. >> this will be a worldwide investigation. wherever the leaves take us, we will go to the ends of the earth to identify the subject or subjects responsible for this despicable crime. >> no one has claimed as possibility, but there has been word of a possible suspect in custody but that is not the case. they say that no one is in custody at this point. >> thank you for the latest. meanwhile tonight, learning about the more than 170 people hurt. among them, a to-you're a child. martin richard, eight years old, was near the finish line just after he waited to hug his father finishing the rest. his mother and sister also seriously injured. they say they are in a state of shock. >> they were the all-american family. they love their father.
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they played outside all the time. kids were outside all the time having a good time. just a horrendous tragedy. >> his father released a statement saying, "we think our family and friends, those we know and those we have never met, for their thoughts and prayers. i ask that you continue to pray for our family as we remember martin." they have identified the second of three killed, 29-year-old krystle campbell. >> they are not the only victims of this. the explosions, the chaos that followed, it will stay with them for the rest of their lives. tom is in boston and he joins us with the latest. >> this is still fresh on the minds of everyone here in boston. with so many roads shut down, people leaving flowers for those
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who passed away here. police and national guard everywhere blocking roads and directing traffic. there were literally hundreds if not thousands of runners from the b.c. region in this race yesterday. -- from the d.c. region. they told us what they saw through their eyes. >> of the summers on boston today, it had become a virtual police state. officers and the national guard were everywhere. it was obvious the law- enforcement meant business. things were so different than how yesterday began. she is a rabbi in cherry chase and thrilled to be running the race a second time. she finished and wanted to go back to watch other spanish. >> i was walking towards the finish line when it happened. i had not made it very far when
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i heard the first boom. >> she was in a crowd of runners who had finished. thereyou seconds later, was a second. >> it was like two planes hitting on 9/11. when you hear the second one, that's when you know it is something out of the ordinary. >> no one knew what was happening in no one could conceive it was something that terrible. >> husband was awaiting not far away, growing increasingly worried. finally, he saw her. >> i said, i think something really terrible just happened. >> even in the middle of the tragedy, they saw the best in people as the people of boston did whatever they could to help. >> i walked into a restaurant discombobulated and the people there helped. >> they say their hearts break for their victims and families. >> it is scary for the world
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that we live in. it's a reminder of what's out there. distance there, you see it boylston street with the bombing happened. it happened there around the corner to the right, the closest we have been able to get to this scene. politico, they have signed up to participate in the marine corps marathon in d.c. this fall. they are still determined to run in that race. they feel it would be a much different race with high- security because of what happened here. abc 7 news., >> that prompted an increased security presence in basically every public place. kendis gibson is live on the mall with what's being done in the name of safety. >> we should point out d.c. aficials have not received
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single credible threat to our area. all the law-enforcement agencies in the area are on heightened alert. the matter what you did today are where you went, it was hard to escape the heightened security in the area. the patriot's day parade taking on a more serious note. armed officers from several agencies lining the parade route. , they are just all over the place. >> i feel safe. >> they think the tragedy may have suppressed the number of this year's parade for disciplines. >> there were police everywhere. >> a similar story on the metro. the metro area. >> extra officers patrolling the platforms and trains.
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something, please say something. >> the announcement reminding people to be vigilant. >> looking around reminding people received any bags laying around. >> they are girding outside every government building while extra security screenings are causing long lines. the trash cans remain off- all airports requiring extra screenings while extra officers and canine units around the hallways. it is all part of a new normal. as tense as things are today, we should give you a heads up that you can expect to hear lots of explosions tonight near freedom plaza because of the display for the emancipation will be going on as
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planned. >> the annual george washington parkway classic will take place next sunday. they say they will have additional security there but they say the safety of participants, staff, and spectators are their top priority. information about the security changes will be released on thursday. >> what happened in boston will certainly have a ripple effect on other races, but we do have an update. >> let's go right to boston where the governor deval patrick is about to speak. >> including the boston police come a the massachusetts state police, atf, secret service, and others responded to the scene. many of them are already there as part of the general security for the marathon already in place. the first step they took was to secure the physical area around the blast for the purpose of preserving evidence in the area related to the devices.
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this morning, the fbi along with boston pd, massachusetts state police, an atf official the began a forensic evidence recovery effort at the site. the goal was to recover residents related to the blast. those items that have been recovered are being sent to the fbi's laboratory in quantico, va. they will reconstruct the device, or devices, and determine its makeup and components. items partially recovered are pieces of black nylon, would appear to be fragments tobb's and nails possibly contained in a pressure cooker device. we are expediting this evidence for a complete and thorough analysis. in addition, this morning, it was determined that the explosives were placed in a dark-colored nylon backpack. it would have been heavy because of the components believed to be
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in it. at this point, it is difficult to determine specific components used until we can eliminate other factors that may have already been present in the environment. we will not know with certainty until the laboratory complete the final review. away from the scene, yesterday afternoon, the jttf began its investigation. immediately after the bombing, the fbi initiated a command post for those assigned to the and many others on their own including boston pd in massachusetts state police. more than 1000 officers across many agencies had been assigned to this investigation be of the command post. -- via command. they began conducting interviews with eyewitnesses and others to determine who was responsible for the crime. we are doing this methodically,
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carefully, yet with a sense of urgency. all across the nation and around the world, the force of the united states as locating -- working hard to locate those responsible. the fbi has received 2000 tips as of noon today, many of which have already been analyzed and vetted. we will continue to work around- the-clock tirelessly side-by- side with our partners to continue to investigate and act on these leads. regarding who might be suspected of this event, the investigation is in its infancy. a law-enforcement is our early lookity to the at all the evidence. some activity macy, some you will not. rest assured we are working hard to get the answers. at this time, no claims of responsibility and the rangers suspects and motives remains wide open. importantly, the person who did this was someone's friend, neighbor, a co-worker, or relative.
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we are asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon, or the date, april 15th, in any way indicating he or she may have targeted the event to call us. someone knows who did this. cooperation and from the community will play a crucial role in this investigation. we ask businesses review and preserve video surveillance and other business records in their original forms. we are asking the public to remain alert and alert us of the following activity, any individual expressing a desire to target the marathon, a suspicious interest in researching how to create explosive devices, the noise of explosions in remote areas that could have been used as a test for those responsible. someone who appeared to be carrying an unusually heavy dark-colored back yesterday around the time of the blast and in the vicinity thereof.
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as further substantive details become available what are appropriate to release, together we will either issue a press release or hold a press conference. tomorrow, we will hold another press conference in the early afternoon. thank you. i want to thank the public for their tremendous support in this investigation. it is crucial to our ultimate success and i think the residents of the city of boston, the residents of the commonwealth, for the information that has been provided to us. >> there you have it. someone knows who did this. we want your cooperation. they have tons of visitor video. popular racest ever. that is from boston. our coverage of the attack will conctinue. we will talk to some of those who have lived through it. >> we want to switch gears tonight because we are also
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keeping an eye on the weather. big changes are headed our way. doug hill has a first look at the forecast. >> a warm up as on the way. a taste on the way. 80 degrees coming just a bit. a look from the live camera. partially sunday, 74 and reagan national. went out of the south. 77 in fredericksburg. a very comfortable afternoon with temperatures above average. debitorss evening with into the 60's. 56-62 and we are keeping a close eye on an area of of thunderstorms across ohio and western virginia. perhaps hagerstown, the shenandoah valley, could see some overnight clashes. a lot more on that. doug, thank you. three people are tonight after a huge fire consumed their home.
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if not for the quick action of the bravery of firefighters, this could have been a lot worse. gordon, hard to believe the people in this home were able to make it out alive. the damage is extensive to the back of this house, pretty much got it. when i arrived, investigators were still on the scene sifting through the rubble trying to figure out what sparked the fire. she is still having a hard time looking at the place she called home. .he remains of this house >> i heard an explosion from upstairs. >> she said smoke started seeping in the door. >> firefighters say three people are rushed to the hospital, two of them to washington with burns and respiratory injuries. thist only did they torch first house, but also melted the side of a second house.
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the person who shot this picture said he got there before the fire fighters they jump from the second floor. this woman was driving when she saw the heavy smoke. wereshe got closer, there flames shooting through the roof. >> it is sad, scary. i feel bad for the people who live there, the animals. she kept her cool until firefighters arrived. ferrets will be ok. the residents said the people who are able to get out are expected to be ok. live in arlington, hatzel vela, abc 7 news. >> in developing story in loudoun county were authorities are investigating a home invasion. is over the 7
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scene. around noon, four men entered the home, use the dons to hold the victim against their will. no one was hurt during a robbery. members of loudoun county sheriff's office are looking around the area and you should expect an increased police presence in this region. >> today as six years since the virginia tech massacre. wreaths placed on the memorial. in 2007, he killed 32 people and then himself. we have seen tragedy anfter tragedy unfold. are north virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg downside with that story. the events in boston on
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everyone's mind, they watch america agreed yet another tragedy, and other violences. they tried to turn their grief into action. name read back's backback the -- bringing the pain. remember mary's smile. the 60thre marking iniversary of virginia tech honor the 32 victims. >> everybody hit the floor. energies focused his
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on gun control. he is here today with bemis from tucson, aurora, and newton urging congress to pass universal background checks. >> the best step we can take is to keep guns away from dangerous people. tough onewill be a and they will stand for the criminal rights. >> i really can't give up. i have to speak for mary and other victims. >> the sponsors of the current legislation, senators toomey and manchin, are still trying to attract support. it is on known when the bill will be moving forward. as of alter the schedule of a lot of business currently happening in congress. hill, jeff capitol
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goldberg, abc 7 news. summerall haspat died. he worked for more than 40 years including a record 16 super bowls. he began his career with cbs and then moved to fox before retiring after the 2002 season. or beside john madden forming legendary most broadcast teams in history. >> everybody knew those two. let's switch topics to talk about the weather. >> a little preview of summer. near 80 by thursday and friday, but then a strong cold front shaking things up. in arlington from the army navy country club, clouds that cleared out of the way and during a little sunshine and now
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they're back overhead. more in the way of sunshine and cloudiness.way of when data the southwest at 9 miles per hour. -- wind out of the southwest. the air mass has not changed, but the wind direction did. on the bay and the river, this time of year, the air blows across the water and it cools off in a hurry. 77 in manassas. temperature dropped, a mild night. 60's later this evening. 56 in the suburbs. 62 downtown. we will keep an eye on the cold front out to the west. that will bring a few showers to areas west of the metro washington area, not close to effect.
5:22 pm
282 in the pollen to recount. -- tree count. pulling back at shoring in some context, this storm across indiana and ohio. most of this will travel to the north and west of washington. 2:00 a.m., it's none of the question that some of this activity will affect some of our during area. after sunset looking north and west, at 10:00, you may see some flashes on the horizon from these thunderstorms. you may notice a difference behind the system. 83 in charleston. 76 in pittsburgh. 54 in chicago. 46 in minneapolis. we will get that colder weather, but it will modify over the weekend. coming, but in the meantime, a mild day tomorrow in the 70's. same thing on there's the as we
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approach 80. on friday, here is the front. there's the potential late friday afternoon, friday evening for some moisture. a few clouds overnighter late morning. partially sunni tomorrow. 71 midday. calling for a 30% chance of an isolated showers or storm. 20% on thursday. but going up to 80% for friday afternoon and evening. maybe a shower early saturday morning, but what a difference there. those are below average temperatures. on a roller coaster. >> thanks, doug. at 5,ing on abc 7 news local mothers reflecting on what they saw at the boston marathon. [beep] afterrun into lender
5:24 pm
charges of endangerment filed against the owner of a day care. -- we run into anger. >> if the grgrief was staggering. one hundred days after us senate starts to act are coming together background checks the second amendment hands of dangerous criminalsls. ninety percent of america background checks. urge them to join comprehensive background checks. demand action. now.
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>> victims of an admitted
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peeping, sharing their story. >> a guilty plea in court. he was accused of installing a alarm camera anin a smoke he rented to young women. the women were happy to see the man they voted guilty today and they're happy to see him run in handcuffs. it was $425 per month. caught on camera and living nightmare. this is the only a snippet of the peeping tom the deal we can assure you, taken in this tiny camera hidden in a smoke detector. she pounded herself after reading an article and wondering landlord. creepy hours of footage were then found computer. van dusen's
5:28 pm
>> why is there a picture of my room right there? what's going happen now? is there a reason why he's filming me? >> advanced degrees from harvard and penn state renting out several rooms in his or $1 million-plus chevy chase home. at least two others were taped during intimate encounters. she now has trouble trusting anyone. >> i have no idea. occurred iner have something like that was going on. >> pleading guilty today for three misdemeanor iraq. he said he lured them in with a bargain rent just to take a video. >> this is a modern-day peepingv peeping dusen bases--
5:29 pm
tom. >> he faces a maximum of 18 months. declined comment. he will be allowed to come home on bond until sentencing in july, but he is no longer allowed to rent out rooms. in chevy chase, brad bell, abc 7 news. at 5,ing up on abc 7 news day care owners accused of putting children at risk. landed warriors talk about the wrong brushes with explosive devices and what it takes to recover. >> runners returni
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5. on your side. white house at half staff tonight. repeople deadt and at least 170 people injured. 10 of these victims have had legs amputated. at this point county authorities have not identified any suspects. there is a $50,000 reward for informational leading to the person or persons responsible. there will be a memorial service on thursday. coming to grips with what
5:33 pm
president obama is calling an act of terror on american soil. >> suzanne kennedy is at reagan national airport tonight where many of those in our area who took part in the marathon are returning home. >> and a marathon runner will tell you that there is a certain high that comes the day after a significant athletic achievement, but the people we saw here today, those returning to washington, d.c., say they are just relieved to be harmed. the the bombs went off, memory of jessica's first boston marathon was shattered. >> it was so scary. washington,d to d.c., today bittersweet showing off her medal. klutz there's nothing like the boston marathon. i felt like i was in a dream and it quickly turned to a nightmare. >> lauren had already crossed the initial line when she heard the blast.
5:34 pm
anything likelt none before. bostonicipating in four marathons, this one giving your in your perspective. lives are lost. people are gravely injured. it is very somber today. >> they quietly filed out in mid morning flight, lacking the bravado that would normally come from someone achieving an athletic triumph. jackie was unable to finish. >> in the big scheme of things, life goes on and my heart goes out to all of the people. not being able to finish and making a home is much more important. >> they are vowing to return to the boston marathon. >> the way we win is by continuing to run, continuing to participate, continuing to live
5:35 pm
life. mixeds is a day of emotions for those local runners along with that lingering shock. but there is a sense of both grief and gratitude. live at reagan national airport, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> suzanne un, thank you. they're being described as improvised explosive devices, similar to those used overseas. if you understand what trauma they can cause like our veterans. these veterans offered their insights on what the road to recovery looks like. >> he was an army combat control leader. >> i have nine direct hits on my vehicle and 17 total. a navy petty officer. >> everyday is a struggle to adjust even get out of the house. >> both members of undesired club. explosions ined
5:36 pm
d.c. today preparing for the wounded warrior ride. their limbs were spare. >> with multiple layers of armor and protection and none of it was able to penetrate through the armor into the vehicle. 's in backpacks falling shrapnel spring the finish line at 3,300 feet per second, amputation or disfigurement. >> the leg is in severe pain or numb. does make sure i do not do anything silly. >> these are the some of the devastating injuries. >> has suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and post- traumatic stress. >> these wounded warriors offering recovery advice going against the warrior code. >> it's ok to cry. it's located talk about your experience you had. >> warriors are on the mend. that is why they know recovering
5:37 pm
from the boston last will not be easy. >> look for the things that are still out there, the joint in life. washington,est robert lyles, abc 7 news. >> our coverage of the terror attack continues on abc 7 news at 6 starting with a live report from tom roussey in boston and a special one-hour edition of "abc world news." you can check out our coverage anytime online at >> now it's time for a check on the traffic situation. >> delays on 395 north on the 14th street bridge. also watching delays eased on the freeway and most of these will take the length of the free we heading towards the 11th street bridge. 95 southbound and again working your way towards trying go where
5:38 pm
the earlier disable tractor- trailer was blocking the right lane and it is now open again. checking the inner loop of the beltway crossing the legion of bridge, went to get around the dulles toll road around the 270 spur, additional delays 270 northbound toward germantown out of gaithersburg and again in clarksburg. reports of an accident on route 28 in rockville, not too much of a problem here. like everything is just fine. back to you. atcoming up bond abc 7 news 5 come a two day care owners freezing serious charges of putting children and lives at risk. >> anne arundel sides of the aisle on the plan for immigration reform. what does this
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>> two alexandria women facing charges that put both children'' safety at risk. collected down 7 children under the age of two in one s u b without wearing seat belts -- in one suv. stephen tschida doing this more with that disturbing revelation. >> they sought toddlers and bouncing around unrestrained in an suv. we went to the day care and the door was open. there was a foul stench emanating from inside, the stench of excrement. despite this, the city of alexandria and forms that this was indeed a legal day care.
5:42 pm
when we arrived, we found a partially open door covered in warnings for parents. a woman whose edge was a neighbor tore down the notices before we could read them. why are you taking them down? [bleep] [bleep] several people said the woman who lives here, a 34-year-old betty ross, was not home but they and knowledge she cared for a lot of children. have you seen a lot of children around here recently? >> yes. >> there were pulled over about 1 mile from the day care. they notice the vehicle full and unrestrained children. two toddlers will in the cargo area of the ford explorer. she will face seven charges each including reckless endangerment. >> this is ridiculous.
5:43 pm
no. >> none of the children were injured after the vehicle was pulled over. we asked representatives from children's services when the last time this day care was inspected. she could not give us a date. we did learn those notices on the door were warnings to parents that the day care was no longer in business. tschida, live, stephen abc 7 news >> still ahead, as others ran from the explosion, others ran towards it. >> we hear the stories of ordinary people who behave in extraordinary ways. the head of d.c.
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>> not a bad day at all. >> nice and mild. suddenly wind into the 70's in many places.
5:47 pm
>> north and west towards the cold front. just north of cincinnati for columbus and cleveland, a lot of heavy thunderstorms and a severe thunderstorm watch across a big chunk of ohio, pennsylvania, and western west virginia. i do not think much of this will be left by the time the front gets to the metro area of thei- 95 corridor. stauntonn, stanton -- may be getting in the area. 74 in washington right now. it 76 in fredericksburg. a very mild evening. patchy fog with a front approaching, 56-62 tonight. burning away the fog. into the mid 70's tomorrow with a few isolated showers possible during the afternoon.
5:48 pm
a 30% chance of bashar tomorrow afternoon. a slight chance as we had to the day thursday. -- a 30% chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. increased chance of showers and storms, some heavy to severe, .riday afternoon the evening more coming up in the 6:00 hour. >> let's look at what's coming up in abc 7 news at 6. >> following the latest from boston and the new security concerns right here on capitol hill. from the hill to the street to the district, the impact of sequestration coming home to national institution. the future of the smithsonian as it battles massive budget cuts. all that for you at 6:00. >> that's just ahead. thanks. >> time to get a look at sports
5:49 pm
making news this evening. let's go out like to tim brant. >> how are you doing? honoring here at the comcast center tonight, unveiling its culture. i will and see the events and i'm looking for receipt of the left-hander -- i will emcee the event. multipler wins and tournament titles. theowed to make maryland ucla of the east. lefty started that here in college park. redskins are about to start off- season conditioning. then weady for that and will be closing in on summer ball. where is chris cooley? take a look and listen.
5:50 pm
krejci may no longer be a pro football player but he can still work a room. what's going to school and reading, enhancing a kids' day. >> in landover today, doing what he does best, being cool. >> it did not matter to the kids that he is not still playing football. how much does that matter to him? >> is the really interesting process. i would like to play for the redskins. there are no hard feelings. >> he was a fan favorite during his decade-long run with the redskins and now he's trying to decide what to do next. >> i've had a lot of fun.
5:51 pm
our coaches, the community relations, it is still a part of what my life really is. [applause] has grownooley really up. he's going through his own ota's in the classroom. coming up at 6, a one-on-one with the old left-hander here at the university of maryland, an update on the caps and nats. >> tim, do i have to go now? [laughter] >> i the grief was staggering. one hundred days after us senate starts to act are coming together background checks the second amendment hands of dangerous crimina. ninety percent of america background checks. urge them to join comprehensive background checks. demand action. now.
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5:54 pm
>> coming up tonight, the pool will be whittled down to the contestants. -- to 8 contestants.
5:55 pm
ravens jacoby jones should be safe bringing in the third highest scorer. goesout who stays and who after "splash" on abc 7 news. >> 7 is on your side tonight with a warning about young people and the deadliest form of skin cancer. the rate of malignant melanoma has gone up over the last four years. statistics show is the greatest increase is those under 20 with low exposure because they live in northern climates. they say the indoor tanning industry that brought in the 1970's is to blame. deep foot pit, charged
5:56 pm
with manufacturing a controlled substance, operating a back hoe on the walls caved in and they found guns and a marijuana plant and they are now investigating the accident. >> tonight, we look for answers in the terror attack in boston. explaining to children just what happened. the late mr. rogers offered his homespun wisdom for everyone. boy andi was a little something bad happened in the news, my mother would tell me to look for the helper's. you will always find people helping, she would say. i found that it is true. bestct, it is one of the things about our wonderful world. fromere were many helpers'
5:57 pm
the deadly explosion. >> we will remember that not only as helpers' but heroes. >> panic and fear second after two bombs exploded. hundred running from the chaos. first responders, medics running towards the carnage. carlos helping rescue a man who lost both of his legs. foudn anlled -- injured woman to bring to safety. but they went back and forth rescuing patients. if you want to know who we are, what america is, how we respond to evoke, that's it. >> trying to save a woman
5:58 pm
clinging to life. >> we had a pulse up until we got her to the medical examiner. then we lost her. his sons. >> they both lost their legs. >> shrapnel had hit her leg and across her back. >> doctors have been working since the explosion saying these workers made the biggest impact. >> marathon errors without >> so manyining storage of courage. abc7 news at 6:00 start right now.
5:59 pm
captioned by the national captioning institute >> the search and answers 24 hours after the bombing at the boston marathon. >> the victims are picking up the pieces and pushing forward together after this act of terror. we are live in boston with the latest on the attacks that have shaken the entire country. tom. >> we are on boylston street where this happened. as far as the public can reach, they started a makeshift memorial and it is growing very fast. the wind is picking up in boston. we have seen a lot of tears at the scene. a lot of people from outside boston and from boston who just cannot believe this happened in their town. we got a chance to talk to some

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